Amazing fall line skiing.


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G-2 is a 700 vertical foot north facing chute that averages a pitch of 35 degrees, with its steepest section culminating in a 43 degree pitch.

G-2 is located just under half way up the north facing side of the Highland Bowl, its entrance starting in the dense pines, its main face being a great, steep and wide-open fall line shot.

To access this run, ski from the 12,932 foot summit of Highland Peak, down the ridge line about of about 800-900 vertical feet.

As you keep the boundary rope line in sight on your right-hand side, you'll pass several groupings of trees on skier's left on the horizon line.

Navigate the rolling, bumpy terrain just a bit longer, and as you begin to gradually drop skier's left down the fall line, moving away from the boundary line, spot the dense trees and fine and pleasing entrance.

Here, you'll make tight, but reasonably steep terrains through a section of beautiful pines.

As the pines start to give way, you'll be faced with an extraordinary view of the south facing aspects of Highland Bowl and your ridge hike to the peak.

Enjoy the wide-open fall line skiing in this section- it's one of the bowls best.

The starting elevation for this line is 11,320 feet.