Steep, rocky run, through tight trees that finishes in tight little chutes









FATMAP difficulty grade



After unloading off the Great Western Chairlift, head left out of the Hidden Canyon gate.

This area is outside of the resort boundary, and no avalanche work is performed here.

Make sure to carry a beacon, probe, shovel, know how to use them, and have a partner your trust.

This is an exciting run with a consistent pitch that usually has great snow but is also an area that see frequent avalanches.

Make sure to check the avalanche conditions before thinking about dropping in on this line.

After heading out of the Hidden Canyon Gate, take the traverse about 300-400 feet out.

You will pass several open fields below you on your left.

After you pass a large, obvious, open chute downhill on your left, the traverse will take you into thick pine trees.

Once you're in the pine trees head another 50-100 feet on the traverse.

The entrance to Cheese Grater is on your left.

The entrance to this line is not obvious, and is kind of tricky to get into.

Start picking your way through the pine trees until you see the openings of 2 chutes.

The chute on the left generally has better coverage, although the tops of them are often rocky. After you get into the chute, you'll enjoy 100 or so feet of skiing with a nice sustained pitch.

You will come out in Hidden Bowl, underneath the Hidden Canyon Headwall.

You can cut left to the main traverse exit or head straight down into the next group of trees.

Either way will get you back on the return traverse.

Make sure not to cut off this traverse, or you will have to walk back on the road.

The traverse out will be in tall pine trees for most of the way, with a sharp left turn as soon as you start to see aspen trees.

This traverse isn't groomed but usually obvious from ski traffic.

As it wraps around the final sections, you will see some cabins on your right as you begin to approach the resort.