Easy to access freeride run.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Especially the second part is ideal for freeride beginners, because it is not too steep.

However, it is a sunny slope and Schattberg to Limbergalm often has avalanche danger! The first part (from the Schattberg to Limbergalm) is tree free with occasional steeper sections.

The second part is easier.

There are clearings between trees.

A power line and a toboggan run can also be good orientation if needed.

In poor visibility or high avalanche danger, the first part on the slope no.

3 (Limberg departure) should be bypassed. From the the Schattberg gondola, from ski trail no.

1a (Schattberg Nord) (300m) turn left on the slope no.

1 (N).

Continue straight ahead and cross the terrain toward the Dillinger Eck.

The tendency to be sometimes steeper means avalanche danger! Depending on circumstances.

look for a variant near the Limbergalm hut (1715m).

There, the slope 2b (Jausernabfahrt) is situated.

Now head onwards on nice open terrain passing groups of trees.

Remain near a power line and the toboggan run Simalalm.

In Rammern (1161m), adhere to the toboggan run and head out to Jausern (930m).

Then, head over, close to a hydro construction.

After the end of the Jausernabfahrt, you have to walk to the Sch├Ânleiten gondola, which can be reached in about 10 minutes or take the bus back to Saalbach from the main road.