A steep glade through well-spaced trees.


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Paradise Trees is exactly what the name implies.

This steep glade starts on the far skiers left of Paradise Bowl.

The trees are tall and the limbs have been trimmed to make this one of the perfect runs in Northway--well-protected and deep.

This run faces NE, and the trees offer protection from sun and wind.

Starting on the ridge below Paradise Bowl and just before The Nose, the upper section of Paradise Trees is fairly narrow.

About halfway down, the glade widens and you have a few choices.

Head right to the bottom of Paradise Bowl and join Otto Bahn.

Alternately, head left deeper into the timber.

A shallow ditch-like feature will encourage you to head north.

Follow this if you don't mind steep trees.

Eventually this opening will lead to Low Finger Bench, which is 200 feet of quick descent over cliffs and narrow gullies.

Most lines require mandatory air.

Instead, head right through one of two distinct openings when you reach this gully, work through the trees back to Otto Bahn.

While this run is considered Double Black Diamond, it is not as challenging as some of the nearby chutes.

Paradise Trees is certainly steep, and its best done first with a friend who knows the way.