A short hike to the famous run.


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Ending at the top of the Bridger Gondola, the Headwall is famous for wide open powder turns.

Either hike the “White Spider” from behind the facilities at the top of the Gondola (about 30 min.) or take the more standard hike from the end of the Tensleep Traverse (just before the Cirque bowl, about 15-20 min.) From the top of the “White Spider” hike you will have a great view of the run as it borders the skier’s left side of the Headwall.

From the standard Headwall hike, catch your breath, click in, and scoot behind the large rock outcropping to the top of the Headwall.

Either drop in to Coombs Run just past the outcropping in a little notch, or continue across to the Headwall proper.

Towards the bottom of the Headwall the open run begins to funnel into a few chutes between large cliffs.

The chutes are on the skier’s right, the skier’s left is a large cliff band! Slow down here, and when in doubt, traverse to the skier’s right until you can see a snow line all the way to the top of the Gondola.

The hikes close at 2pm and are not always open.

On a powder day, keep an ear out for the opening of Headwall and try to get there first for the run of your life.