Very short tree run off of the Excelerator Express located between two groomers









Gnarly Knots is a very shot tree run located near the top of the Excelerator Express, Gnarly Knot's is located to skier's left of Espresso (underneath the Excelerator chair) and Honeycomb, with Cruiser to the left.

It is a quick diversion into the trees before exiting back out onto Espresso.

If you are looking to get more comfortable in the trees, this could be the spot for you as this area is not overly steep and is very quick in length.

The lower elevation of this tree run compared to others creates the potential for variable conditions according to the time of year.

Make sure there is an adequate snow base on the lower mountain before venturing in here if you want to make the most out of this run.

Due to its length, consider Gnarly Knots a teaser to longer tree runs located elsewhere on Blackcomb.