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Bernie’s Bowl is a little tricky to find, but oh so worth it.

Follow Laramie Traverse from the bottom of Rendezvous Bowl, keep an eye on your right for the first section of open run (just before Pepi’s Run - the ridge separating Laramie Bowl).

Drop in and hug the skier’s right trees for about 30 feet and then squeeze through the gap in the trees.

There should be a sign for Bernie’s Bowl or at least a caution sign indicating the rocky traverse into the bowl.

After traversing through the rocky start, choose your own adventure in the open bowl.

Note: the skier’s right side of the bowl has a large cliff at the end of it that is not noticeable from above; this cliff has ruined many a persons day, so shut your speed down and make sure you’re stopped well before this blind feature near the line of scattered trees.