Run to a grassy hilltop in Bonelli Park with 360-degree views.


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Bonelli Regional Park is an easily-accessible park that provides a variety of activities.

You’ll find grassy picnic areas with sun and shade, playgrounds, a lake with a swim beach and kayak rentals, a campground, and hiking trails.

The loop described here is one of the best trail runs in the park.

It climbs to a grassy ridgetop with 360-degree views over the park and the surrounding city. Begin from the Picnic Valley area near the Via Verde Drive entrance, where there is a large parking lot.

Cross the road to start walking on a dirt road and begin the trail.

The path twists around a small valley filled with tall pines, then ascends an open hillside where the views get good right away.

You’ll gaze over the park’s treetops at the blue reservoir, and toward the San Gabriel Mountains on the horizon. Middlecrest Trail meets with a network of other trails on top of the hill, which make variations of the loop possible, both longer and shorter than the one mapped here.

Choose your own route and explore the terrain.

The hilltop is lightly forested and very green, especially in spring.

From this verdant vantage point, you’ll peer down steep ravines toward the city below, and you can walk along sunny ridgelines for even better views.

When you’ve had your fill, go down Park View Trail to complete the loop. Sources: