A series of steep cliff bands for experienced experts only.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Crystal Myth gets its name due to the fact that it doesn't look skiable from any angle.

It's neighbor Foreign Exchange is ridden only on the best of conditions.

Crystal Myth gets skied even less.

Arrive prepared to this steep face and cliff band.

Consider a run down Teddy Bear Chutes or Dieter's first to assess your line.

When you're confident the conditions are ripe, drop in to the right of Foreign Exchange, just past the thickest part of the cornice.

If the cornice drops, and you're on it, you'll have a nasty fall ahead of you.

Instead, work the micro ridge to the right of the cornice, staying just to the left of the trees, then drop back in.

Several steep flutes lead to a cliff that ranges in length from 20-40 feet.

A second cliff lies below, but it is not as wide and can be avoided.

If you choose to hit the first cliff, it is possible to land above this second cliff and get yourself together for another launch.

If you're aiming for this mid-band cliff, wiggle left after taking the first section.

The landing below the second air is steep, which a few rocks and flutes.

However the apron below is wide open.

Either way you get there, enjoy this untouched section below by taking some long, high speed turns.

You earned it.