One of the longer classic lines in upper Little Cottonwood Canyon with a rappel thrown in to spice things up.


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Park at Our Lady of the Snow church 7.5 miles up Little Cottonwood Canyon.

From here hike under the power lines to Cardiff Pass.

Stay along the ridge that undulates up and down along Black Knob, Little Superior and Mount Superior.

Next continue on the ridge to the W, and you'll arrive on the top of one of the most iconic and beautiful peaks, Monte Cristo.

The upper headwall has a cool feel to it as it appears to just hang there when viewed from many angles.

It's much less steep than it appears though.

The headwall angles into the main chute which holds a nice consistent 40 degree pitch for a thousand feet or so.

Continue heading fall line and you'll come to a rocky area that may be skiable, or might need to be down climbed, or do a short rappel.

This will lead you to the main large 80ft rappel.

There is a large tree on the skiers right hand side that usually has a few slings around it.

A single full 165ft rope will get you over the cliff.

The finish is quite mellow, but it's a fun half pipe finish right to the road.