This hidden gem is a little tricky to find, but worth the effort due to it's dramatic setting and good skiing.


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To access the Whipple Couloir, park at the Neff's Canyon trailhead in Mount Olympus Cove.

From here follow the road grade up into the canyon, stay left at the first branch, and you'll be heading E on a well travelled trail.

The trail is narrow and treed, but pops out into an opening.

Here you will branch to the right into the thick woods, and follow the trail as it winds up through the north fork of Neff's.

This trail sticks to a ridgeline until it gets into the upper reaches of the canyon.

Take a left in the upper bowl and stay in the trees until you top out on a minor peak.

Continue to the ridge, and double back a few hundred feet and drop down the ridge to find the entrance to the Whipple Couloir. The chute is straightforward, ski down the winding chute until the snow gets thin then turn around and skin back up and out.

The thick brush and lower elevation make skiing all the way out this chute a bad idea unless the snowpack is VERY deep.