A sunny run from the Italian to Swiss borders down to Fornet, close to a beautiful ridge.


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This is one of my favourite on-piste lines because it is sunny, with variable slopes and not so popular.

Leaving the Bontadini express chair going leftwards, after a short narrow part you will find a crossroads: stay on the far right close to the ridge which separates Italy from Switzerland.

The slope will become more challenging and moderately narrow.

Please don't forget to avoid the off-piste here - even close to the track - because it's really full of hidden rocks and getting injured or damaging the base are really easy.

So do it only if you are with a local rider. Around the middle of the run, you can choose to either follow a left line back to track number 6 or stay to the right on the 46 - Bontadini 2.

From here, another steeper slope will go towards the end of the track: you can go off-piste on your left- it's less dangerous if there is some good snowpack.

In any case, keep some speed here because you will have to go through a short flat section.

Towards the end of the run, the track will turn left, reaching the start of the Bontadini express chair.