A long groomer that snakes through the expert Northway terrain.


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This is a long groomer, that snakes through the expert Northway terrain.

This run is not always groomed and contains some steeper sections.

There is also a cross fall line section that might be difficult for intermediates.

However, Otto Bahn is the easiest route in Northway, so for those wanting to check out this unique terrain pod, start with Otto Bahn before committing to the more challenging runs.

This run was named for Otto Lang, who founded a ski school nearby at Mt.


Otto Bahn starts at the top of Northway Chair.

The top can be rocky, so check before dropping in.

When groomed, this top section is wide, turny and fun.

Continue past Gates 3-6, keeping your speed.

This is especially true between Gate 5 and 6, where the trail narrows and goes uphill for a short distance.

Snowboarders should not have to unstrap here if they plan ahead.

Enter at Gate 7 and stay right above Spook Hill.

Continue down the upper section of Gun Tower Ridge, past Gates 8 and 9.

Do not enter Gate 10.

Instead turn back to the left to stay on Otto Bahn.

Experts might choose to head straight down through the glade here and pick up Otto Bahn after it makes a switchback under the bottom of Spook Hill.

Otto Bahn continues through the bottom of the Northway Drainage, snaking through the trees and undulating over the rough terrain.

At Five Corners, an area where Northway Run merges with Otto Bahn and I-5 starts, be sure to stay straight.

Do not veer right onto I-5, unless you want to return to the base area.

Continue under the chair past Whit's End to a sweeping right hand turn.

Watch for rocks here.

On a busy day, the lifeline can extend to here, so go slow until you eye the bottom of the Northway Chair.