A resort favorite on the backside









If you plan to ski the backside of Alpine Meadows and take in the views, get the backcountry feel of the slope, and just joy of being on a moderate sunny slope, then this is a great choice. From either the Summit Six or Alpine Bowl Chairs head toward Upper Saddle view the High Traverse access trails.

Exit left from the top of the Alpine Bowl Chair or up the ridge from the Summit Six Chair and hike to Upper Saddle. Take in the view from the Upper Saddle.

Straight over the Upper Saddle is Sun Bowl.

This is a larger open bowl with few trees.

You can make big sweeping turns or quick rounded turns down this moderate slope.

An intermediate skier can accomplish this terrain. This is a favorite for all that ski Alpine Meadows and a must for those new to the resort.

It is south facing and can be icy (stay away in these conditions), but get over there on a sunny powder day or early on a day in the spring when the surface is just beginning to soften. Follow the valley to the bottom of Sherwood chair to finish your run.