A fun run with incredible views that is great for accessing Prospect Bowl from Ute Park


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Little Maude is a green groomer that starts off of the Ute Park Express (lift 11).

Get off of the Ute Park Express and head straight under the Prospect Express portal and onto Little Maude.

From here, take your pick of which direction you ski-this run is pretty wide open, with the exception of some clusters of trees scattered throughout the run.

The run starts of pretty flat before heading into a slight pitch-be sure to keep your speed here, as you'll need to make it up a hill right after this pitch.

Little Maude connects with Madison, another mellow green groomer, to take you down to the Prospect Express (lift 12).

This run is great for anyone looking to head into the Prospect Bowl area, so it can be busy at times but never too crowded.

The run is in the sun for most of the day, so the snow stays pretty soft.