A fun and exciting introduction to the Gold Hill Chutes









Gold Hill 1 is a double black diamond run that can be accessed from the Revelation Lift (lift 15).

Get off of the Revelation Lift and just past the ski patrol hut is Gold Hill 1.

The top part of Gold Hill one can be a bit dicey, a thin layer of snow can cover up the jagged rocks just beneath so choose your path wisely.

Once past the first section, Gold Hill 1 opens up and is often bumped up.

To skier's left is a Goat Path, here you'll ski down a narrow path with cliffs on the side and you'll want to stick to the left, where you'll find a rope to hold on to as you shuffle, hop and jump around to get across the Goat Path.

Once across the Goat Path you'll be in an open area that is really fun to ski.

Here the snow is usually pretty good and can be deep.