One of Vail's best kept secrets.









Until the 2014/15 season, this was a gate-accessed out-of-bounds run called Way the F*ck Out.

It's now an official in-bounds run, but it's still a hidden gem.

This is a huge area, with many options that are all good.

It follows the skier's-leftmost line and is unique in this area due to the aspen groves that are easier to ski than the pine forests to the north in WFO.

From the entrance, continue following the area ropeline on relatively flat terrain for a few hundred yards.

You'll enter an old-growth aspen forest and the angle will steepen.

It's continually tempting to turn right, but sticking left on the ridge will keep you on a great line through the aspens. As you get to the bottom, start veering right for the best fall line.

Eventually you'll have to take a cat track hard to the right to get back to the base of chair 5.

Going past the rope would be a bad idea - you'll end up in Two Elk Creek with a LONG hike back uphill.