A line underneath Glacier Express which houses good snow!









Heavenly Basin is just that - heavenly! If you take a left at the top of Glacier Express and continue past the hairpin turn and the signage for Dakine along the Crystal Traverse, you will find Heavenly Basin.

This line is skier's left of the big rock outcrop known as Haole rock.

This line houses good snow, but depending on conditions can look more like a mogul run than anything else.

If you are first to score tracks down it on a powder day - consider yourself lucky! This spot is popular and visible from the chair, so you might not always have it to yourself.

This run is decently long as well as steep, which makes gives it all the great qualities of a line to score fresh powder or hit up some bumps.

Regardless of conditions, this is a great line choice to rip it up, and the run drops you off at Blue Line so you can zip down to Glacier Creek quickly for round two.