A fun and exciting double black bump run









Little Rose is a double black diamond bump run that can be accessed from the Gold Hill Express (lift 14) and the Revelation Lift (lift 15).

At the top, Little Rose is very wide, offering a lot of different line options.

Ski up high on skier's left, or skier's right, or ski down low in the gully that runs to the bottom of Little Rose.

The bumps on this run are big and fun, and if you don't like the line you've chosen, it's easy to pick a new line, as there are a lot of different line options.

Eventually the run trickles down into the gully and gets more narrow.

Here, the bumps are more well formed but can be scraped off in spots and a bit icy, as they are in the shade most of the day.

A great time to ski Little Rose is in the afternoon, when the snow at the top of the run becomes nice and soft.

This is a great run for expert skiers who like fun bump lines.

This run is also great for the adventurous skier who likes to explore, as you can pop in and out of the trees, jump off of some cliffs and ski onto different runs like Andy's Gold (a double black extreme terrain run to skier's left) and Million's (a double black extreme terrain run to skier's right).

This run can get a little crowded towards the middle and end, where the gully funnels into, as the trail becomes more narrow but it is never too crowded.