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Dead Tree was named for a large dead tree at the very top.

From the top of KT-22, turn right off of the chair and bear left down the ridge.

When the ridge flattens and narrows, look to your right.

It is between two small rock knolls.

The hardest part is at the very top.

Unless there is a lot of snow, you might have to sideslip and or work your way around rocks until you get into the main part of the run.

The top section is the steepest, but if you can get in you'll find less moguls and skiers as the top protects the run from the masses.

The run is split by a vertical row of trees, both sides are fun.

Watch for rocks, even after the top.

Dead Tree empties onto the Saddle where you can get to Headwall or head down the Mountain Run To the base area.

This would be a double black diamond at most resorts.