A moderately steep and generally moguled black diamond in the Back of Bell area of Aspen Mountain.


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Knowlton's is a moderately pitched black diamond, about 384 feet long.

The pitched and moguled terrain is very typical of the Aspen Mountain style.

Short, but sweet.

This run is the first trail that you'll hit as you enter the Bell Mountain terrain on Aspen Mountain.

On powder days, this zone is generally loaded with wind-blown snow, filling in the typical leg burning moguls that you'll find formed here by the end of December.

This run starts off with a fun steep turn or two, depending on your ability level, and after a series of moguls it flattens out as you work your way down to a tree island in the middle.

Pick right or left, with the left side generally being the fastest way out to the relief of the Copper Bowl groomer just below.

As your legs burn from working through the moguls or if you're lucky enough to hit this on a powder day, you'll find great relief when you hit the groomer.

You're now on your way over for another great run down Copper Bowl or on to the Gent's Ridge Area.