An Aspen classic for experts.









Kristi is another one of the super classic runs for experts on Aspen Mountain.

Generally the top can be quite thin, so watch the entrance as you drop into this short, steep and ripping run.

Various obstacles like stumps and jumps make this a choice for Aspen locals and, as you navigate to the bottom of this run, test your skills on the fat to flat rock at the bottom as fellow skiers cheer you on from the cat track as they hike up from Walsh's.

Kristi, late in the season, also offers steep, wide open and sporty glade skiing to the skier's left side of the same entrance.

This area has small pillows and great steep fall line skiing straight down to the cat track.

As with most of the terrain here, due to its east facing aspect, it can be thin during dry spells and during warm times of the year.