Tree skiing at its best – well spaced larch forest spread over a huge area.









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The trees around the Aiguillette chairlift hold an almost unlimited number of potential lines – too many to describe here but explore and you could be rewarded.

Like in the majority of Serre Chevalier forests, the trees are larch meaning they are spaced far enough apart for skiers and snowboarders.

It’s almost as if these forests were planted with skiers in mind.

The best sector around the Aiguillette is just to the skier’s left of the line of the chairlift.

You can go as far into this forest as you like as at its other edge is the Eduits piste.

For this reason, as long as you keep heading downhill, it’s almost impossible to get lost.

There is one potential trap, in the form of a small cliff area, near the top of the run.

As you head off the Aiguillette run, the end of a flatter section heading to the north ends with this line of cliffs.

It’s best to stay to the right, nearer the chairlift in order to stay well clear of this danger.

You can, of course, also ski directly underneath the chairlift all the way down but this gets skied out quickly.

The trees to the skier’s right of the chairlift line are also skiable but much tighter than those to the left and generally less fun for that reason.