A Highland Bowl favourite.


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From the summit of the 12,362 foot Highland Peak, drop just to the skier's left and then back to the right to avoid a bit of peppery and exposed rock and position yourself for the 950 vertical foot, 37 to 40 degree pitched descent right down the centre of Highland Bowl.

This is a local's favourite, as it's steep and has direct access to incredible fall line skiing right from the summit of the hike.

The upper section of Ozone starts out steep and wide open as you ski perfect chalk and small bumps during high pressures and deep powder after a good storm.

Continue fall line through this section as it flattens out slightly in the middle section, a good spot to rest your legs, before the steeper final fall line pitch down into the bottom of the bowl.

The final fall line section offers an opportunity to connect big, steep turns and is a thrill for expert skiers.

Keep the ridge/tree island on skier's left as you finish the run.