Hollywood line with sustained moguls underneath the chair.


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South Castle is a Hollywood line located underneath the Deep Temerity lift line.

From top to bottom this steep and demanding double black diamond that often has low snow coverage in the upper section, tests skiers to perform for the crowd as they descend underneath the Deep Temerity lift.

This run starts off as the skier traverses skier's right underneath the Deep Temerity lift, past a grouping of large pine trees.

Here, it narrows and drops significantly, as you descend directly underneath the Deep Temerity chair.

As you descend the first several hundred feet, sparsely placed pine trees will keep you from bailing skier's left into Kessler's.

However, as you brave the nearly 1,700 vertical foot run with your legs burning and your mind solely focused on executing each turn to perfection, the option to bail into Kessler's, an adjacent double black with more room to make bigger turns, becomes available.

The hardcore bump skier will of course continue down the lift line, making their way back to the bottom of the Deep Temerity lift by only using the very bottom portion of Kessler's after the conclusion of South Castle.