A fun extreme double black diamond for the adventurous skier









Dynamo is a double black diamond extreme run off of the Gold Hill Express (lift 14).

To access this run, ski See Forever from the Gold Hill Express lift and Dynamo will be to skier's left.

The run starts off wide open and bumpy and quickly turns steep and continues to be bumpy.

This run splits in to two sections-if you stick skier's left you'll ski the steep bumps and eventually connect with Millions, another double black extreme run under the lift line.

Take this route and you'll end up taking Dynamo all the way down to the Gold Hill Express lift.

If you choose to ski skier's right you'll have some fun terrain options.

To skier's left is a chute like section with a couple cliffs on the sides.

To skier's right are more bumps and some patches of trees.

There is a narrow, rocky choke that you can choose to ski down, or you can bypass the choke (there are signs marking the route around the choke).

The last section of this section of Dynamo connects with Electra, another double black extreme bumpy run and from there you'll ski onto Lower Woozley's Way to the base of the Gold Hill Express lift.

This run can see some traffic, but has a lot of room for everyone so it is never too crowded.

The top section can be choppy and icy but the bumps typically stay in good shape.