Forest hike among the ski runs that finishes near a mountainside café, and provides access to higher trails on Mount Mansfield.


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Haselton Trail is ideal for a casual summer or fall hike on Mount Mansfield.

It begins near the base of the gondola at Stowe Mountain Resort.

If you'd rather not ride the lift and exercise your legs instead, find this trailhead behind the Midway Lodge. The trail rises steadily along a wooded ridgeline.

The vegetation is at first quite dense, but eventually opens into sunny woodland as you cross glades that have been thinned for skiing.

The gradient steepens as you get higher, and finally emerges onto a grassy ski run where it's quite steep, but easy going, and the views are tremendous.

At the top of this ski run the trail joins the Auto Toll Road.

From there you have a few options besides turning around and hiking back down. You can pause your hike and enjoy a meal and drink at the Octagon Café & Gallery, just a few steps away.

If you want to continue hiking, walk uphill along the road and you'll eventually reach the visitor center near the top of the mountain.

It's near the peak called The Nose, and from there the [Long Trail]( continues along the ridge crest to reach the true summit, The Chin.

If you go there, consider using the adventurous [Cliff Trail]( to make a loop. Sources: