An excellent long and fun winding trail for advanced beginners. It's the first trail to open on Ramshead.









Easy Street is an excellent green beginner trail for anyone looking for a long run with areas of steeper pitch.

To access this location, you need to take the Ramshead Express Quad from the base.

The Ramshead Express Quad is almost always a long, cold and windy ride up.

So, prepare for that.

Exit the lift to the right.

Take your first right which comes up quickly, so pay attention for the trail sign or you will be forced to descend on Swirl which is a blue.

Once you make the right turn after you unload off the Ramshead Express Quad, BE AWARE of skiers and riders coming down Header.

They may be going at an aggressive speed so it's best to wait for them to pass by.

Then proceed across Header and under the chairlift.

This area is very wide and congested so be respectful of others on the trail.

If you are unsure of where you are going, then it's best to stop off on the skier’s left side of the trail.

To stay on Easy Street, take your first left.

If you miss the turn you will end up on Caper which will take you to the base of Snowdon Mountain - a completely different base area.

When you make that left turn to stay on Easy Street the trail will have a changing pitch.

Once you get in about twenty yards, there will be a steeper section which only lasts a short while.

The trail will come back around and cross over Header again.

BE AWARE of fast uphill traffic in descent.

Proceed across Header with caution.

Once you make it across, the rest of the run to the base is quiet and fun.

This trail usually gets opened in mid December and is the first opened trail off the Ramshead Express Quad.

NOTE: If you end up on Caper and down at the base area where the Snowdon Quad is, proceed past the lift and stay to your left.

This will get you on to Great Northern which is a green that will take you back to the Ramshead base area.

This trail is always groomed.

A perfect beginner trail for people looking for a long run that goes directly to the base from the top of the lift.