Wide-open line in Ruby Bowl below Garnet Bowl on skier's left, the friendliest of all the Gemstone Bowls









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The 'rock' portion of this line refers to the cliff that is located skier's right.

Ruby Bowl, should be your first spot when exploring the Gemstone Bowls.

The entrance to Ruby requires a longer traverse to the left than Diamond Bowl, but while the traverse is exposed, the actual entry to this line is wide-open and not nearly as narrow as the entrances to Diamond and Sapphire Bowls.

To access Ruby Bowl, keep left on the traverse from the Garnet Basin.

There are two lines located to the left of the smaller cliff and to the right of the massive one.

Be aware of avalanche debris that might be left behind in the bowl where a ton of avalanche precautions are taken before opening up these lines to the public.

Make sure you choose a day with good visibility to go exploring in the Gemstone Bowls, regardless if you are just traversing or actual skiing, there are cliff hazards to be aware of and many routes are significantly exposed.

These lines (Midway Rock, Shredder and others in Ruby) are not nearly as narrow as others, and funnel down below into the open space of the bowl until they reach the groomed Blackcomb Glacier Road.

This will lead you back to the base of the lower lifts such as the Excelerator Express, and the Crystal Ridge Express.