Skier's far left line in Sapphire Bowl which traverses over to and ends in Diamond Bowl









FATMAP difficulty grade



Family Jewels is the far left line in Sapphire Bowl, located skier's left of the Sapphire Chutes.

To access this line, take the Spanky's boot pack to the entrance to the Gemstone Bowls.

Skier must keep a high right along the traverse once you reach Garnet Bowl to access the entrance to Sapphire Bowl.

After negotiating your way into Sapphire bowl via the tricky top section, you will reach the Family Jewels line, which is on the far left, hugging the rocks.

Keep straight with the large cliffs on your left and you will hit the line.

Family Jewels heads straight down and then traverses lower down when it crosses over to skier's left between a break of rock outcrops, ending in Diamond Bowl and prolonging your time in the amazing terrain of the Gemstone Bowls.

The long Blackcomb Glacier Road awaits you directly below Sapphire Bowl to take you all the way back down to the sub-alpine lifts.

This line continues straight before veering off to the left between cliff bands, and finishing up in Diamond Bowl.

Make sure you are familiar with the area, and working your way skier's right in terms of line difficulty.

Good visibility is needed in order to successfully and safely navigate between the cliff areas.