Great fall line steep skiing in the centre of the Highland bowl.


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White Kitchen sits between the summit of Highland Peak (12,392 ft) and the next highest point/cornice on your hike to the top.

This 38 to 43 degree pitch is steep and challenging, top to bottom, with 850 vertical feet moguls and occasional rocky obstacles to avoid throughout the descent.

In a longer snow year, traverse into this run from the summit or from the highest point before the summit, to the right on the ridge with signage for Steep 'N Deep.

As this run is east facing, it is subject to a lot more sun than the north and north east facing runs more to the left in the bowl.

Therefore, the snow quality can be significantly different here, with heavier powder on sunny days after storms, and more granular chalk during warm high pressures.

Still, this run is challenging and, in the right conditions, one of the best.

You'll known you've finished skiing White Kitchen when you exit into the bottom of the bowl with the ridge/tree island that separates this run with Be One is on your right-hand side.