A steep, blue groomer that's fun for carving









Butch’s Breezeway is a groomed intermediate run that is accessed from the top of Jack Kendrick trail near the top of Prospector Lift.

Jack Kendrick branches off to Butch's Breezeway about a hundred yards down the trail.

Butch's is quite steep in sections, but is less crowded than Jack Kendrick and has perfect lines for carving GS turns at high speed.

(Race teams often practice on the side of this run because it's such a perfect steep slope.) It doesn't get much sun, so the snow stays nice here longer.

On a pow day, cut into the trees at the start of the terrain park or anywhere below it on the left side of the trail, and enjoy a cool but short powder tree run! It's not that steep in those trees, so keep up your speed and avoid going in on a deep pow day.