An off piste route with great variety









Broken Arrow is very popular on powder days and in the spring as it faces south.

If it's a springtime powder day be aware that the sun will affect the snow.

From the base of the Baileys Beach chair follow the Mountain Run for a very short distance until you see an opening in the rope line on your left.

If the rope line is closed, so is this area.

Keep your speed and follow the groomed road on the ridge past Packers and Malibu to a low saddle.

Land Bridge run into Silverado will be on your left.

Hike up the knoll in front of you to the top of Broken Arrow chair.

Or ride Broken Arrow chair to the top when it is running.

Off the top of the chair, go straight for a few yards to where the run begins.

You can traverse right quite a ways, go down the gully or traverse left somewhat.

The run opens up as you get lower.

Keep your eyes open as you explore this area as there are plenty of rocks and cliffs of varying sizes.

The granite in this area is spectacular.

You end up on the Sunnyside run towards the bottom of the mountain.

It would be a good idea to have someone show you this run the first time as there are many options.