A blue-black mogul run that is good for novice bumpers









Over N’ Underwood is an ungroomed blue/black mogul run that has several glades.

It starts out under the Prospector Lift and goes through a gladed area near the top.

A service road cuts through the middle of it, offering a nice kicker right under the chairlift audience.

Winter Park Ski and Ride School instructors often take bump classes here because of its gentle slope.

The downside of this run is that it is slanted, and during the leaner months, can have small trees poking through the snow.

Nice views from the top! The trail is named after George Underwood, who was a master welder and machinist.

He headed the resort’s maintenance department and his creativity and genius transformed the resort’s lifts in the 1950s and 60s.

He even helped develop the first snow groomer which established the resort as a leader in slope maintenance.