Surprisingly challenging fun short red run, often avoided by those keen to head straight to Trockener Steg, worth the detour!


Analysing terrain data








On exiting the Matterhorn Paradise bubble at Schwarzsee, take the left hand turn after the beginner area and follow the track along the top of the ridge, before dropping down again to the left onto a great wide steep section.

This is steep enough that you need to control your speed, but not so much that your skis are in the valley before you are! This section then flattens off and over rollers drops down to the right on a more sedate section where you can get your breath back, but carve it up like a hero for the folks going over in the bubble above! The piste then climbs slightly upwards and then finally drops away to the right over a couple of kicky rollers before depositing you at the Aroleid midstation of the bubble.