A long Groomer with an incredible view


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Start from either the top of Tee Pee Town LX or Angel Express Quad and head skiers right towards the Green Run.

This is a great place to stop and take in a view of the resort, in fact take several breaks to enjoy the parallax view that unfolds in front of you.

The scenery will change as you traverse back and forth, descending Lookout Mt.

The Green Run is really and easiest way down.

Some true beginners have reservations about this run because this first section passes over the top of Boundary Bowl.

Keep your speed around Boundary Bowl and the Cat Track will follow towards an open field.

This area, known as spring hill is undulating and beginner snowboarders can have some trouble here and will have to walk.

Keep your speed and keep right.

On your left hand side you can enter the Springhill Terrain Park, or keep right to head toward the upper village.

A great run that will give you a good overview of all the possibilities on Lookout Mtn.

While it is rated Green, might be best to have at least a few Blue's under the belt first.