Land of Many Names is a pillow land with all types of 5-25 foot cliffs to bounce between.


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The Land of Many Names is a true pillow paradise when Teo 2 is open.

You can access it the easiest by taking the the low entrance into Teo 2 from in between Jack In The Box Glades and Wolf's Lair.

Stay left from here over the ridge and you'll come to the top of the Land Of Many Names.

There is a big cliff to your left and smaller cliffs along the right down the ridge.

You can also access the Land of Many Names by traversing left from the bottom of Outta Sight Outta Mind into lower Schnoid's on an unmarked traverse through the woods in to the lower section of Land of Many Names.

There are still a few pillows to pop off of in this entrance.

The Teocalli Exit to Paradise runs along the bottom of the Land of Many Names so the farther you ski to the right the further you will have to hike out.