The farthest and shortest line in Lone Lake is clean, steep, and fun









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Far Side Wall 4 is the farthest and shortest ski line in Lone Lake Cirque.

From the backcountry access gate, walk along the rocks all the way to the far side of the cirque.

Don't get too close to the edge of the cirque as dangerous cornices sometimes form here.

Instead stick to the rocks.

This east facing line is short, sweet, and pretty straightforward - once you find the entrance.

A cornice can form at the top and the slope does get wind loaded so be careful.

There are generally a few rocks poking through the snow, but they can easily be avoided on this steep descent.

After the first few hundred feet, you will be cleanly in the apron and can enjoy the wild snow all the way to the bottom of the cirque.

Ski this line one at a time and plan to regroup in a safe area.

Then head to the bootpack at the far skier's right end of the Lone Lake Cirque.

Head uphill to the ridge.

Then navigate the wind swept ridge until you find a place to ski down to the bottom of the North Summit Snowfield.

This last descent still has the potential to avalanche, so be extremely careful until you are safely on Horseshoe - a blue run within the ski area boundary.