Rabbit Ears is a high, steep pitch into Headwall with many rocks off of the Headwall Ridge Traverse.


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Rabbit Ears are big rocks on top of Headwall that form a pair of rabbit ears as you are looking up at Headwall.

To get there you stay on the Headwall Ridge Traverse passed Angle Gully skier's left of Morning Glory.

You can actually pass through a small tunnel in the rocks known as the Ear Canal if you are into a fun thing you'll probably want to do just once.

The Rabbit Ears entrance puts you onto a high steep pitch in skier's right Headwall.

There is a big rock feature known as Box Rock, on good years it's probably a 15 foot feet and in low years it can be a big 20-25 foot jump.

You can stay right in Rabbit Ears to get on to Headwall East or stay in the main bowl of Headwall.