A relatively easy hike-to chute.









After Niños Heroes and Billy Sol, the ridgeline dips down and makes a traverse across the narrow top of what’s known as the Kitchen Wall.

Through the trees on the far side of the wall is Corner Chute.

The top of Corner Chute is wide and has a gentle pitch.

It’s widely considered to be the easiest run on Highline and it’s where ski instructors take first-timers.

After about 100 meters, the gentle pitch steepens and enters some trees.

It can get tricky here, but there are wide traverses through the trees and with a little planning it’s easily manageable.

Once the trees start, it’s best to work to the left.

If you go too far to the right, you may end up in North Face.

If you’re a first, second or third or even a 44th-timer, North Face is the last place you want to be.