Steep but playful gladed terrain above the Staircase section of North Face.


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The Picture Perfect Glades are exactly as named.

The snow tends to be great due to the small hike that discourages traffic.

The trees are perfectly spaced for big turns.

The terrain contains bountiful small features to play with on your way down.

The run finishes when the glades run into Staircase on the right and Slot on the left, both runs that require increased technical skills.

For an easier exit, traverse right to Dead Bob's Chute, on the other side of Staircase.

To access Picture Perfect Glades, take the traverse/sidestep from skier's left side of the bottom of Spellbound/Top of Phoenix.

The sidestep takes you the top of a knoll which is also the entrance to Sun Steps.

While Sun Steps goes right back towards Phoenix, Picture Perfect goes left back in the direction of Paradise.