A steep, gnarly run that ends in a mandatory 15 foot cliff band.


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Body Bag is a steep, unforgiving, chute that ends in a 15 foot cliff band that turns the entire run into a no fall zone.

Be prepared for sloughing snow through variable terrain.

Access Body Bag from the Rock N Roll Glades.

When you reach the orange sign that says, Cliff Area, you are above Dead End Chutes.

Stay left until a clear chute opens beneath you.

This is Body Bag.

Negotiate your way down, keeping in control for the bottom cliff band.

If you'd like to enhance your final move, there is another small cliff band to the skiers right of the chute above the final move.

The runout for the Body Bag is full of trees.

There are a couple of skinny alley ways to exit through on both sides of the chute.

Be in control! Body Bag is bordered by Dead Bob's (easiest way down) on the left, and Dead End Chutes to the right.