A long green with varied terrain. The way to the Back Side.









Honeysuckle is more than just the road the Back Side, it’s the gateway to almost everything over there.

Honeysuckle itself is one of the longest runs on the mountain and has a little bit of everything.

The first section, which starts at the Top of the World (top of Lifts 2, 7A and 6), is an avalanche road that runs below the first few chutes on the Highline Ridge.

The avalanche road turns into a very wide, gentle area where several other runs branch off.

From there, Honeysuckle continues down a steeper section that wraps around to the left.

In this section, there may be some moguls on the far right or left sides.

At the bottom of this section is another flat area where two other runs form.

There’s another slightly steeper section down to another flatter area with trail options.

Honeysuckle finishes as a flat and wide road.