One of the step, challenging black runs in Mott Canyon









One of the many steep trails in Mott Canyon with plenty of opportunities to find deep powder, get some air off natural features, and generally scare yourself a little bit.

This is one of the shorter runs in the canyon but also one of the steepest; you'll get to show off your skills on the way down, as the trail runs directly underneath the Mott Canyon lift.

Make sure to keep your speed up at the bottom to make getting in the lift line easier, as there is a long run out.

There are a few ways to get onto the run, but gate 5 offers the most direct access; alternatively, enter through gates 1-4 and head to skier's left until just after you pass under the lift.

Like every trail in Mott Canyon, this run contains many obstacles and hazards and is best suited for expert skiers.