Steep fall line skiing.


Analysing terrain data








Kessler's is located in the Steeplechase zone, on the skier's left of the Deep Temerity lift line.

Head into this run below the cliff band above.

Beware, on average snow years this cliff band may or may not have skiable lines.

It is constantly thin.

Proceed here at your own risk, or begin your run beneath the cliff band.

Kessler's is a wide-open bowl from this point on, the greater than 1,000 vertical feet of bumps and fall line skiing is enough to test even the strongest expert skiers.

The far skier's left side generally has the thinnest snowpack, as it receives the most sun, therefore stay right down the middle in the fall line, doing your best to find the zipper lines or open up your bigger turns until the run narrows and reaches the Grand Traverse, sending you back to the bottom of the Deep Temerity lift.