This great black run, like a long skier cross is not for the faint hearted but excellent fun, especially in the mornings, as most people head up further to Trockener Steg.


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The jewel in the crown of the Matterhorn Paradise ski area, this black run starts at the bottom of the Furgg-Sandiger Boden chairlift and after a couple of turns on the relative flat, drops away immediately to the left on a wide steep pitch, this then funnels into a short path which winds around to the right, before dropping away to the left briefly, before another right hander.

This track then opens out and steepens into a small gully which then funnels down again onto a longer left hand corrner dropping away before rising up onto a ridge.

The slope then drops away more steeply for a couple of turns before a sharp right hander, (make sure your edges are sharp to avoid slipping off the piste straight down the valley here!) After a short track to get your breath back, you hit another small ridge, before a short steep section, a left hand turn, and then a great steep pitch, (it can get icy on the left here) before it funnels quickly into another left hand turn.

Finally there is one more sharp right hander onto a steep narrow pitch which then opens out a little, over a couple of blind rollers before the rollercoaster eventually comes to a halt just above the Furi bubble station.

At the end, there is a rolling right hand turn to the lift station, grins all around!