A classic east facing pocket in Cody Bowl, and the least steep way down Cody Bowl









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No Shadows is a great introduction to Cody Peak.

It is the least steep section, and often the most consistent snow due to it’s particular aspect and typical wind patterns.

It is also one of the few runs on Cody that you can see into, provided the cornice isn’t too big.

The run is a big gully that opens into wide open face skiing.

It is steep by resort standards but not exposed to any cliffs.

It faces East but generally only takes sun in the morning hours as Cody Peaks casts its shadow later in the day.

Access the line via the Cardiac Ridge Bootpack.

Follow the boot pack past Pucker face until the ridge bowls around a small pocket before increasing in steepness once again.

This bowl forms the entrance to No Shadows and is often corniced.

The best strategy is to continue past the entrance up along the ridge and then look back to assess the cornice from above.

From this higher vantage, you will gain a nice perspective of the entrance.

The snow is usually the most consistent in all of Cody Peak area, so enjoy the turns, and run the line out into the giant basin below.

Veer to the skier’s right eventually to link up with the Powder 8 bootpack, or head slightly skier’s left of center to find your way into Rock Springs Canyon.