A steep alternative to Senior's









Roy Boy is a double black diamond extreme run that can be accessed by hiking up to the summit of Palmyra Peak, a hike that will take you about an hour to an hour and a half once past Black Iron Bowl.

The hiking can get pretty technical towards the top, as the boot packed trail gets steep, and in one section you have to do some scrambling over a large rock.

To get to Roy Boy, drop into Senior's, another double black diamond extreme run, right at the summit of Palmyra Peak, and traverse right.

Roy Boys is a pretty straightforward, steep chute.

The snow in Roy Boy is decent most of the time.

Roy Boy will dump you into Palmyra Basin, where you can ski a variety of lines in great snow.

This is a great run for extreme skiers who like to hike a long distance and get the full Palmyra experience.