Tight, north-facing trees from the entrance to the Hobacks.


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The North Woods are the section of tightly spaced pine trees between Rendezvous Trail and The Hobacks.

You can access them by heading towards the Hobacks via Rendezvous Trail, and ducking into the trees on your skier’s left at any point before the cat track opens up into the Hobacks Proper.

You can also continue to enter via the Rendezvous Trail (continue past the entrance to the Hobacks) by traversing into the trees on the skier’s right.

The North Woods are spaced out just enough to allow for skiing or snowboarding and often contain great powder snow.

No matter how you enter, you will most likely bottom out in Cheyenne Gully, which is typically not as good of skiing as the two ridges (North Hoback or Lower Sublette Ridge) on either side.

Because of this, the best bang for your buck is to ski the North Woods trending skier’s right.

By angling yourself this direction, you will eventually find yourself on the north flank of the North Hoback instead of trapped in Cheyenne Gully.