Open Blue


Analysing terrain data








This nice open Blue in the middle of Lookout Mountain can either take you to the Great Divide Express or the Divide XL Terrain Park.

Meet up with the run by taking Green Run, past Piste Noir.

The fence will open and you have the option to drop into Blue 90.

If you are a beginner, you can continue on the Cat track of the Green Run which will circle to the bottom of Red 90.

If you are looking for the Terrain Park, head right.

This is the large Terrain Park with features that are for experts only.

If you are looking to get back to the Great Divide Chair, head to the left which will lead you, over a hill to Assiniboine Trail and back to the chair.

The top area of Lookout Mountain can be very windy, but on a good day holds a beautiful view of the Canadian Rockies.